Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Greece to launch e-registry for leisure vessels

Marine tourism contributes up to €6 billion to Greek economy
The direct contribution of sea cruises in the economy was around 600 million euros while the coastal shipping sector's contribution was 900 million euros and 6,000 jobs

Sunday, 28 October 2018



North Sporades Greece Summer 2019

Day 1
We board at 10am. After a welcome drink and settling we depart for the southern beaches of Skopelos. We stop for a swim in the majestic Stafylos, and continue to Skopelos Town at around 9pm, where we will spend the night and dine in a fantastic traditional tavern in Skopelos.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


 Skopelos Retains Its Charm Despite Tourism Industry

 Skopelos Retains Its Charm Despite Tourism Industry

Skopelos is the second largest of the Sporades islands. Skopelos means, “sharp rock” or “reef” and it gets its name from the rocky terrain on the island’s northern shore. On the south coast, villages overlook the shores. Skopelos is covered with pine forests, olive groves, and orchards and ecologists say it is the greenest island in the region. There is no airport on Skopelos; so all visitors must come by boat or ferry. It took some time, but Skopelos has officially been “discovered” by tourists. Yet, its charm remains.

Friday, 5 October 2018

"Bill" celebrated in Patitiri the World Animal Day

Familiar with human activity in Alonissos, "Vassilis", the beloved seal, after the appearances on a beach with sunbeds where he enjoyed relaxing moments, "celebrated" in Patitiri on the world day of the animals with hot sand.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Kuoni: Διευρυμένο πρόγραμμα στην Ελλάδα το 2019 με 14 νέα ξενοδοχεία

Δεκατέσσερα νέα ξενοδοχεία στην Ελλάδα προσφέρει στο πρόγραμμα του 2019 ο τουρ οπερέιτορ πολυτελών διακοπών Kuoni, ανακοινώνοντας μία από τις εκτενέστερες συλλογές ξενοδοχείων στη Μεσόγειο στην ιστορία του (συνολικά 150).

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

He opened the new luxury hotel Elivi Skiathos

            ( former  ΧΕNIA SKIATHOS)

The first hotel was recently inaugurated by Elivi Hotels in Skiathos, the 5th Elivi Skiathos.
The hotel (formerly Xenia of Skiathos), located in a secluded area of ​​the island, includes rooms, suites and villas with private pools, a luxurious villa with 4 bedrooms, beach service, 3 restaurants, a spa, a gym, tennis, etc.

National Geographic: 

Alonissos in the 50 top diving destinations in the world

Alonissos, the largest and largest marine park in Europe, will be one of the top 50 scuba diving destinations in the world, to the new National Geographic Specialist Travel Guide. will be released in 2020. To this end, the island of Sporades visited from September 17 to 22 journalists journalists on a press trip organized by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) in collaboration with local authorities. all of the region, but also the country in general, will be extended to seven pages of the guide exclusively dedicated to the destination, while the book will be prominent by the well-known oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle. In addition, until the issue of the final product, a series of travel articles will be published, aiming at promoting both the driver and the more specific destinations. It is noted that the guide will be originally published in English by Random House and will be available for sale in print and digital form through large networks such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

2nd "Imress The Press" in Alonissos

The 2nd Impress the Press event in Alonissos, which is organized by the Municipality of Alonissos, has been underway following the Mayor's consultations with reputable actors and journalists and with the support of the Tourism Promotion Advisors of the Municipality. "As the name of the project testifies, this is an original projection action in which we seek to impress selected journalistic missions from different markets of interest visiting the alternative paradise of the Sporades at the same time in order to highlight the specialized tourist" products "of the destination but also to get in touch with local professionals for the exchange of views, experiences and knowledge, "says Mayor Alonnisos, Mr. Petros Vafinis, who warmly thanks them professionals and local bodies to support the Municipality's promotion activities.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Charter Yachts, Charter Skiathos, Charter Skopelos

"Only by a small cruise boat or a yacht can you enjoy the uniqueness of Greece, visit its every corner and its myriad islands."

Yacht Charters in Skiathos Island

 Charter Skiathos, Charter Yachts

Skiathos is one of the islands in of the Sporades group and specifically, it belongs to the Northern Sporades. This island lies in the westernmost part of the archipelago covered with thick lush pine trees that meet the crystal clear blue waters. Among the islands of Sporades, this island is the most popular and famous among tourists particularly the wealthier ones or those on luxury holidays. As a result it is a well known destination for rental yacht vacations.

Welcome to Themis IV

Welcome to Themis IV

Charter Yacht - Charter Skiathos

With our charter yacht we offer you a trip to the calm Greek waters, with the ability to sail among beautiful islands, to moor in natural protected bays of rare beauty, as well as to visit inaccessible beaches and swim in waters of unique clarity and colour.

The port of Volos and the port of Skiathos are the starting points of the boat. We can organize from single day excursions to Pagasitikos Gulf or to Northern Sporades, to multi-day trips to Northern Sporades, the islands of the North Aegean, the Eastern Aegean and the Cyclades

Northern Sporades

 Charter Skiathos, Charter Yachts

The area comprises islands AlonissosSkopelos and Skiathos, which are its only inhabited territories, as well as a number of smaller islands and islets on which human presence is limited to a few guards and occasional shepherds.

Charter Yacht - Charter Skiathos - Charter Skopelos

There are many reasons to charter a luxury private yacht for your holiday in Greece, rather than buying a yacht, choosing a hotel or travelling in a large group on board a cruise ship. 
Chartering a yacht is the epitome of a personal, stylish vacation. We will dedicate time and imagination to give you the most memorable charter experience possible.