Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Marine tourism contributes up to €6 billion to Greek economy
The direct contribution of sea cruises in the economy was around 600 million euros while the coastal shipping sector's contribution was 900 million euros and 6,000 jobs

Marine tourism (yachting, sea cruise and coastal shipping) contributes 2.3 billion euros, or 1.3 pct of GDP, to the country's economy and directly employs 22,500 workers, while its total impact on the Greek economy (including indirect contributions) is estimated at 5-6 billion euros, or 2.9-3.5 pct of GDP, the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE) said in a report on Wednesday, according to ANA.
 The economic impact of yachting is calculated at 800 million euros. There are 170,052 boats in Greece, according to the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) data, of which 125,137 are plastic boats, 4,060 are sailing boats and 13,445 are cruise ships. The country has 22 organised marinas of a total capacity of 8,924 docking positions. A total of 3,415 sea cruise vessels visited Greek ports in 2017 with 4,62 million passengers in 2017.
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright: C messier License: CC-BY-SA 

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